Act I of the opera Stranger Love, my most recent collaboration with composer Dylan Mattingly, permiered in a concert performance 16 & 17 January 2018 in NYC, hosted by the Prototype Festival at Roulette in Brooklyn. Find out more about the the opera here  and See the trailer here:


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The menus at the top of the page provide information about my work and access to publications and other materials. I teach at Bard College in New York, where I’m the Peter Sourian Senior Lecturer in the Humanities. I’m also a Senior Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and the Humanities and a research associate with the Équipe Nietzsche et son temps at the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes, CNRS-École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

I can be reached via email: bart at bard.edu

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I tweet @tbartscherer