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Work for and on performance


Information about Stranger Love, an opera in three acts for which I’ve written the libretto, is available here.

I’ve invited choreographer and dancer Jonah Bokaer to Bard College on several occasions and written about his collaboration with the artist Anthony McCall. I joined McCall and Bokaer for a panel discussion during the L&T program available here. In July 2015 I joined Bokaer and poet Tom Healy for a panel on artistic collaboration at the Home School in Hudson.

Information about my work with the North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL Theater) is available here.

In 2014, I wrote and performed narrative text to accompany Dylan Mattingly’s The Bhakkai, a thirty-minute musical setting of the choruses of Euripides’ Bacchae.

Long After Hesiod, the text I wrote to accompany Stephanie Garrop’s Quartet #3 (Gaia), and performed in the “And Then It Rained” concert at the Baryshnikov Arts Center  is available here.

I collaborated with director Raymond Bobgan of the Cleveland Public Theater on the writing of The Hidden Twin for the Wishhounds ensemble, which was performed in Cleveland and New York.