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Work for and on performance

Information about Stranger Love, an opera in three acts for which I am writing the libretto, is available here.

I’ve invited choreographer and dancer Jonah Bokaer to Bard College on several occasions and written about his collaboration with the artist Anthony McCall. I joined McCall and Bokaer for a panel discussion during the L&T program available here. In July 2015 I joined Bokaer and poet Tom Healy for a panel on artistic collaboration at the Home School in Hudson.

Information about my work with the North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL Theater) is available here.

In 2014, I wrote and performed narrative text to accompany Dylan Mattingly’s The Bhakkai, a thirty-minute musical setting of the choruses of Euripides’ Bacchae.

Long After Hesiod, the text I wrote to accompany Stephanie Garrop’s Quartet #3 (Gaia), and performed in the “And Then It Rained” concert at the Baryshnikov Arts Center  is available here.

I collaborated with director Raymond Bobgan of the Cleveland Public Theater on the writing of The Hidden Twin for the Wishhounds ensemble, which was performed in Cleveland and New York.