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I am in the Literature program at Bard College. I also teach regularly in Philosophy, Classics, and Experimental Humanities. I occasionally teach a class in Theater & Performance and I’m also affiliated with German Studies. Recent courses include
Ancient Quarrels: Literature and Its Critique in Classical Antiquity
•The Birth of Tragedy and the Death of Tragedy
•Courage: Achilles, Socrates, Antigone, Mother Courage
•Citizens of the World: Ancient, Modern, Contemporary
•Survey of Drama: Euripides and Nietzsche
•Socrates: Man, Myth, Monster
•Plato’s Writing: Dialogue and Dialectic
•Ethical Life in Classical Antiquity
•Philosophy and the Art of Living

Tutorials I’ve taught include
•Essay as Experiment
•Kant’s Critique of Judgement
•Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil
•The Bacchae Project

I’ve often taught a section of Bard’s First Year Seminar program, currently organized under the title, What is Freedom?. Before coming to Bard, I taught at the University of Chicago in the Social Sciences Core and in the Humanities Core.

For five years, I directed Bard’s Language & Thinking program: see here.

I am currently working with the Social Sciences Research Council on a project aimed in part at forging mutually invigorating links between liberal arts teaching and cutting edge research in the social sciences (see here).