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Nietzsche in Dialogue

Nietzsche in Dialogue: On the Uses and Disadvantages of a Literary Form book proposal

This monograph will analyze an aspect of Nietzsche’s work that lies at the crucial intersection of rhetorical style and philosophical argument: the dialogue form. Several of the authors who were most significant for Nietzsche during his formative years wrote in dialogue, and Nietzsche himself used a version of the form in a series of public lectures early in his career that aimed to set out his views on education and culture. While that early text remains Nietzsche’s most sustained work in the genre, I shall attempt to show in this book that the potential and problems of dialogue remain a concern for him throughout his career. Moreover, as is typical with this author, literary style here cannot be disengaged from philosophical substance. Nietzsche in Dialogue will ultimately argue that for Nietzsche, the very possibility of philosophy is inextricably bound to the question of dialogue.