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Translations & Other Writings


Translations in Progress
• “Der Feldweg,” Martin Heidegger. For The Given Path a collaboration with the artist Lothar Baumgarten, consisting of a translation of Heidegger’s Der Feldweg and an essay, with illustrations by Baumgarten.

Published Translations
• “Scholarsource: A Digital Infrastructure for the Humanities,” by Paolo D’Iorio & Michele Barbera. Translated with K. M. Clifton, in Switching Codes.
• “Six Observations on Platonic Eros,” by Glenn W. Most in Erotikon: Essays on Eros Ancient and Modern
• “Response to Philippe Roger,” by Eric Marty in Erotikon: Essays on Eros Ancient and Modern
• “Nietzsche on New Paths: The HyperNietzsche Project and Open Scholarship on the Web,” by Paolo D’Iorio, in Friedrich Nietzsche. Edizioni e interpretazioni, edited by Maria Cristina Fornari and Sergio Franzese

Works for Performance (in progress)
Stranger Love, opera-in-progress, Composer, D. Mattingly; Librettist, T. Bartscherer. Premiere of work-in-progress excerpt at the Aratari Theater in Los Angeles, 24 February 2017.

Works for Performance
• Narration for The Bakkhai by Dylan Mattingly
• “Long After Hesiod” text written to accompany Quartet #3 (Gaia) by Stephanie Garrop. Performed with the Contemporaneous music ensemble and dancer Marjorie Folkman at Baryshnikov Arts Center
• “The Hidden Twin,” with Raymond Bobgan and the Wishhounds ensemble