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Selected Articles, Essays, Interviews


• “Mimetic Images, Double Vision, and Dramatic Poetry in Plato’s Republic,”  Kronos Philosophical Journal IV (2015)
• “Nasz przyjaciel Nietzsche albo trudne czasy dla kształcenia ogólnego” [“With Friends Like Nietzsche: Hard Time for Liberal Education”], Kronos Metafizyka Kultura Religia 4 (27)/2013
• “Parallaxis: On Eclipse,”  Brooklyn Academy of Music blog
• “See the Unseen,” in Tim Davis: The Upstate New York Olympics (2011)
• “‘
To read what has never been written’: Make and Memory in the Work of Lothar Baumgarten,” in Seven Sounds, Seven Circles, edited by Kaira Cabañas (2009)
• “Philosophy in an Evolving Web: Principles of Scholarship, Web Technologies, and the Discovery Project,” with Paolo D’Iorio, in Philosophy of the Information Society, Vol.2 (2008)
• “The Spectacle of Suffering: On Tragedy in Nietzsche’s Daybreak ” PhaenEx 1, no. 2  
• “‘Make Thee an Ark’: The North American Cultural Laboratory, Theatre, and National IdentitiesCanadian Theatre Review, No. 125
• “Ecce HyperNietzsche: It’s Not Just the Philology of the Future AnymoreNMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media and Culture
• “The Vital Polymath: An Interview with Paul Friedrich,” in Language, Culture and the Individual, edited Catherine O’Neil, Mary Scoggin and Kevin Tuite 
• “‘Ce qu’un poème ne veut pas être’,” a conversation with Mark Strand; translated by Justine Malle, in Genesis: ManuscritsRechercheInvention
• “
An Untimely Interlocutor: The Platonic Precedent in Nietzsche’s Critique of Education and Classical Studies”,” in Disciplining Classics/Altertumswissenschaft als Beruf, edited by G. W. Most (2002)

In Progress

• “’What is it that you want?’ Plato and the Obscure Object of Desire,” in Plato and the Moving Image, edited by S. Biderman and M. Weinman (in preparation, forthcoming from Brill, 2018)

•”The Work of Art: A Reply to Jerome Kohn” (in preparation for submission to Salmagundi)